Billboard Bride: Becky Colling (March 2012)

Omaha Bridal Showcase’s First Billboard Bride: Becky Colling (March 2012)

Becky Colling appeared on billboards citywide to promote the Omaha Bridal Showcase, Saturday, March 10, 2012, at the CenturyLink Center in downtown Omaha. She was on hand to take applications for the next billboard bride. All brides-to-be in attendance are eligible for this honor.

The Next Billboard Bride Could Be YOU!!!! Many brides-to-be responded to the Omaha Bridal Showcase’s call for a woman to appear on billboards throughout Omaha.

Omaha Bridal Showcase’s Billboard Bride contest attracted many wonderful applicants for the opportunity to be featured on billboards, posters and other promotional materials for this season’s Omaha Bridal Showcase. Photos were examined and engagement stories were read and the field was narrowed.

BillboardBride-Becky3Tina Taylor, Show Producer, met the finalists during a preliminary interview. Attitude, look, walk and personality all counted, because the winner would be someone who looks great and represents Omaha Bridal Showcase well.

When Becky walked in the room, the contest was all but over; she had everything we were looking for. “There was something special about her; everything from her warm personality to her modern look set her apart from the rest,” says Taylor.

Becky’s engagement story was very surreal. St. Augustine, Florida is now her favorite vacation spot, because her boyfriend, Jake, chose a very creative way to propose to her there.

They began their day in St. Augustine with a Trolley ride around the city, and they learned all about the history of St. Augustine.

Jake suggested going to a restaurant called Columbia for dinner. They were seated right next to the beautiful fountain in the 105 year old restaurant Because of how nervous Jake was acting, Becky started to suspect that he might propose at the restaurant.

BillboardBride-Becky4When the proposal never came she decided to give up on that thought. They started walking through the shops in the town, and she stopped in one of them to get a henna tattoo. While she was choosing the one she wanted, Jake left to use the restroom. A random girl walked up to her and handed her a note. She said, “Some guy told me to give this to you.”

There was a map which told her to meet him at the Fort when he called because he had a surprise for her. He eventually called and she rushed over to meet him. Jake gave her a small box, which she opened right away (assuming it was a ring), and it was filled with sea shells. He said something really cute which she doesn’t remember. Then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. It was a very special day for both of them.

Becky has this to say about the Omaha Bridal Showcase:

After going to many bridal shows in Omaha, I can say that the Omaha Bridal Showcase is the best and most memorable around! I brought my mother, maid of honor, and Fiancéwith me. We walked around for hours and found many great ideas for our special day. Everything from the Limo ride to the front door to the popcorn booth was inspirational, and this was a fun day to remember.

While I had many ideas already put into place before the showcase, I was able to see and learn many new ideas to implement. There was a variety of vendors, and it was great to go from booth to booth and learn about new trends and ‘must-haves’that are essential.

The Omaha Bridal Showcase is a great event and every bride should experience it. It will give you inspiration and the opportunity to meet with local vendors to make sure you have everything you want for your big day. I can’t believe I will be on billboards around the city. This has made my already wonderful experience, even more meaningful.

As the billboard bride, Becky was surrounded by wedding professionals, each maximizing their specialty to make Becky’s photo shoot a success. The skills of photographer Kari Thompson, of kthompson images, were called upon to capture the perfect shot. For many brides-to-be, it all starts with the gown. Ellyne Bridal provided the perfect gown and jewelry. T’eez Salon was tapped to transform Becky’s hair and make-up. The floral bouquet is a key element to the billboard, providing a touch of color. “Flowers should express who the bride is,” says Karissa Williams of Suit Up! Tuxedo, Florals & More.