Billboard Bride: Jodi Schu 2014

BillboardBride-JodiJodi Schu appeared on billboards citywide to promote the Omaha Bridal Showcase, Saturday, March 8, 2014 at the Century Link Center.

Bride-to-be Jodi Schu was looking for wedding ideas and inspiration at the Omaha Bridal Showcase in August. She saw the popular contest for Omaha’s next Billboard Bride and joined the line of marriage bound ladies having their photos taken; her photo from the show got her to the finals.

All finalists had beauty and a great personality. Jodi’s enthusiasm helped judges narrow the field and select her as the winner. This is what she had to say about the Omaha Bridal Showcase.

“My experience at the Omaha Bridal Showcase was incredible! All of the vendors were so welcoming and had all the right information to help simplify my wedding planning. They all had so many awesome ideas, displays, and samples!! From the flow of the show, to the fashion show, the overall atmosphere was full of so much positive energy and ease. It really made me look forward to start planning my wedding. Of all the bridal shows I’ve attended, the Omaha Bridal Showcase was, by far, the best!”


How to Get Jodi Schu’s Look

Photography:  The Fountains Ballroom
Dress:  Ellynne Bridal
Hair and Make Up: Salon Fusion
Flowers: Our Floral Affair
Jewelry: Riddle’s Jewelry
Travel: Enchanted Honeymoon
Videography: Complete


Jodi’s engagement was a story ten years in the making.

It was a hot summer day, a long nine years ago when I first laid eyes on Mike. Over the next few years we still remained friends. Every so often, I’d call him or he’d call me, and hanging out together never seemed to work out. With busy work schedules or our dating lives, the timing was just off. If anyone had told me then what is happening now, I would have laughed my heart away. After four years of being ‘just friends’, he let me use his truck because I was moving. A few days later, we went to dinner. As a couple, we have been through all of life’s up’s and down’s; however, it has been an amazing ride!

It was the Christmas season in 2012, and just like all seasons before, love always seemed to be in the air. Another year had come and gone with my wondering…‘Is this going to be it?’Is he going to take advantage of this glistening joyous time of the year? Make it the most memorable yet?? I know it seems like such a clichéthing to do–get engaged on Christmas– but I didn’t mind at all. Well, December 25th passed. We had ‘talked’and ‘looked’at rings. We both had such different opinions on rings that I had to be sure that if and when he decided to ask me, it would be something we could both live with for the rest of our lives.

BillboardBride-Jodi3The New Year rolled around and we were still ‘looking’. After a few weeks, we were at the mall shopping for some new jeans. We just happened to be walking by a jewelry store, and we decided to stop in and take a look. They showed us a few things, and I started to think, ‘Well, nothing I like yet again; I must just be very picky.’And then, after telling the sales person a little more of what I was looking for, I saw it–the one! It stole my heart away! I was so in love with this ring; I dreamt about it. I even went back the next day and took a friend with me to get her opinion. We ALL loved it.

Now I knew it was just a matter of time as to when he was actually going to ‘pop the question’. I was SO worried because this was the last ring of this style that they had in stock, and I thought ‘if I loved it so much, someone else might too!’I could not stop thinking about it, being a typical girl in love with my guy and a ring. The days seemed so long, as a week went by.

My forever changed on January 23rd, a typical Wednesday for me. I walked in the house through the garage door, and something seemed different. My black lab was not at my feet. I thought, ‘maybe he is outside’. I took a few more steps, and I saw a trail of rose petals leading up the stairs. I made my way up the first set and turned the corner, and there I saw my dog sitting so nice and pretty at the top of the stairs with a sign around his neck saying ‘Will you marry him??’with Mike on his knee right beside him. I couldn’t even move. I just sat there and cried my little heart out.

So now here we are, a long nine years later, engaged and ready to start our forever together. September sixth cannot come soon enough to start another chapter of a ten year love story!!!! Oh and, of course, I said yes.

They are planning a fall wedding on September 6, 2014. But before the wedding you will see Jodi smiling on Omaha Bridal Showcase billboards and on all promotional material.