Billboard Bride: Kelli Jo 2013

BillboardBride-KelliJoKelli Jo Batten appeared on billboards citywide to promote the Omaha Bridal Showcase, Sunday, August 11, 2013 at the Ralston Sports and Events Center.

Bride-to-be Kelli Jo Batten was looking for wedding ideas and inspiration at the Omaha Bridal Showcase in March. She saw the popular contest for Omaha’s next Billboard Bride and joined the line of marriage bound ladies having their photos taken; her photo from the show got her to the finals.

All finalists had beauty and a great personality. Kelli Jo’s enthusiasm helped judges narrow the field and select her as the winner. This is what she had to say about the Omaha Bridal Showcase.

“My experience with the Omaha Bridal Showcase was, to say the least, amazing. I had no idea where to even begin with wedding planning, and the showcase helped me immensely. All of the different vendors, samples, flyers, and business cards have helped me to make decisions and prepare for my wedding. Not to mention, I had a blast testing out photo booths, sampling cakes, watching the cake eating contest, and fashion show. I would recommend The Omaha Bridal Showcase to every bride to be!”

How to Get Kelli Jo’s Look

Dress by: Ellynne Bridal BillboardBride-KelliJo2
Lynn from Ellynne Bridal wanted to express the latest trends in bridal, especially for Omaha brides. Currently, the timeless romantic look is receiving a lot of attention. Uptown chic, yet very romantic feel.

Photography by: Complete
Dane Peterson of Complete suggests meeting a photographer ahead of time; get to know their personality. “You are creating memories to last a lifetime. There will be many details you might not remember, and you will appreciate having professional photographs to commemorate the day,”

Flowers by: Our Floral Affair
Floral designers Tracy Price and Sally Ozuna found inspiration from the gown. “I want everything to be perfect,”she says. Their design process involves the bride as she learns details about the gowns and the feeling the bride is trying to achieve. “Thank you for the opportunity to provide the bouquet for the billboard bride. We are honored to be a part of the process”

Hair & Makeup by : T’eez
“The first step is to have a trial run for your hair and makeup. We want the bride to feel comfortable,” says Thomas Sena, of T’eez Salon. “Choosing a hair and makeup company is a very important investment,” he says. “Look for one who is true to your personal style.”

Kelli Jo remembers her engagement with love.

“On Feb 22nd, 2013, I was shopping my little heart away at the mall with money that my then boyfriend, Shane, had given me. We had just recently had a baby and I was feeling down about the fact that I still had a little baby weight on me and did not have clothes that I fit in other than sweats, yoga pants, t shirts, and hoodies. Shane had given me $300 and told me to go buy some clothes. He was at the mall with me and was walking around with our two-month-old son as I shopped. Little did I know, he was planning our engagement. He set everything up with my sister, Jordanne, as an accomplice.

“My sister called me and said she wanted to go to Kobe Steakhouse for happy hour and that her friend Lacey was going to watch the baby for us. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it. Kobe is my favorite restaurant, so I was more than excited to go. I had no idea that this was all part of the master plan Shane had put in place. Shane even acted like he didn’t want to go to Kobe at all.

“The plans almost got ruined. My mom showed up at our house and asked why Shane wanted to go to Kobe. I was confused and told her that it was Jordanne’s idea–not Shane’s. She said to me that Jordanne had told her that Shane had planned it. I started to question what was going on, but I was running behind so I ran and got in the shower.

“While I was in the shower, Shane told my mom what he was planning . At Kobe, I was still oblivious to what was going on even with all the small unusual things that had happened. Shane was nervous and acting anxious, and he had gotten up from the table several times. I was drinking my mai tai enjoying the atmosphere. The chef at our table was making a heart out of the rice.

“The next thing I knew, he grabbed something and handed it to Shane. I was still confused at what was going on. Shane was down on one knee and took out the ring. I honestly did not hear a word Shane said to me as he proposed because I was in such shock and was crying. Shane was crying as well, and he was so nervous that he put the ring on the wrong hand. I had to take it off and put in on the correct hand. Our engagement story is by far, one of the best ever. Our whole relationship, beginning with the crazy way we met has been spur of the moment and far from ordinary. I have never been so close to or more in love with anyone in my life. I am lucky enough to be marrying my best friend.”

They had a fall wedding on October 17, 2014.

But before the wedding you will see Kelli Jo smiling on Omaha Bridal Showcase billboards and on all promotional material. “I was in shock when I found out I had won. I couldn’t believe it. I am so excited and honored to be a part of this process in the happiest time of my life.”