Billboard Bride: Naty Palos 2012

BillboardBride-NatyNaty Palos appeared on billboards citywide to promote the upcoming Omaha Bridal Showcase, Saturday, September 8, 2012, at the CenturyLink Center in downtown Omaha. Photo by kthompson images.

“Being engaged and planning your special day is one of the most exciting times in a girl’s life. The details, the worry, the joy, the countless thoughts running through your mind can be exhausting. Bride-to-be Naty Palos attended March’s Omaha Bridal Showcase looking for ideas and inspiration to plan her big day. While browsing through the aisles, she saw a contest for Omaha’s next Billboard Bride. “

“I got my picture taken for the contest, and then I got my picture taken with Becky, the billboard bride. I didn’t think that I would actually get an email saying I was in the running,” she gasps. “Next thing I know, I get the email saying that I was in the top ten.”

Omaha Bridal Showcase’s Billboard Bride contest attracted over 100 wonderful applicants for the opportunity to be featured on billboards, posters and other promotional materials for the September Omaha Bridal Showcase. Brides were lined up at the Showcase to have their photos taken for the chance to appear on billboards throughout Omaha.

The photos were narrowed down to the top ten, and they were posted on OBS’s Face book page. The friends of the applicants voted for their favorite bride, and the field was narrowed down to three finalists. Tina Taylor, Show Producer, met the finalists during a preliminary interview. It was a daunting task to choose, as each woman had beauty and a great personality. Naty won her over with her poise and personality–her radiance beaming. “I loved her confidence and beauty,” says Taylor. “I can’t believe this happened!” Naty exclaims. “I have had such an amazing year and this experience was icing on the cake. Can you believe my face will be all over Omaha?”

Yes, we can.

Just remembering the day she got engaged still makes Naty smile and she gets warm feelings in her stomach.

Valentine’s Day was coming up, and Alex had already given me a few hints of a proposal, and I honestly was expecting it to happen that day. The day came. We went out to eat, and he gave me a bag and my smile grew! I opened it just to find a pair of shorts and a shirt from a store in the mall. I was thinking to myself at that moment while smiling, ‘I like it but, REALLY!’ I wondered which other boyfriend out there gives shorts and a shirt as a Valentine’s present. I admit I was disappointed and a bit upset. And at that point, I simply lost hope, so I told him I was ready to go home.

He said he was hungry and asked me if I’d like to go out to eat. I said yes, and we went to a fancy, expensive, Italian restaurant in downtown Omaha. I learned when we arrived that he had already made reservations beforehand. When they seated us, I felt emotional and overwhelmed, because I had never been in a place like that before. I was surrounded by candles. A candle holder, the butter tray, and the little creamer jug were all silver and very nice. A few minutes after they brought my food, the waiter placed a little silver heart- shaped case that said ‘love’on it by my food. Alex asked me what it was and I said I didn’t know. Keep in mind that the lights were not on. It was all candle light, and, well, dumb as it sounds, I could not see anything with great detail. So when I opened the case, I thought it was shredded cheese for my food. I told Alex that this heart-shaped case was a really nice way of serving the cheese. He insisted that I look again and check carefully. He said that it didn’t look like cheese. I smelled it, and it did not smell like cheese. I touched it and found out it was paper. Finally I passed my finger through the paper looking for mints, thinking that this was the restaurant’s way of giving them out. Then I saw something shine and I got really nervous. I went for it and there it was… my engagement ring. Alex asked me to marry him with the waiters and waitresses and other customers as witnesses.