Billboard Brides

You could be the next Omaha Bridal Showcase Billboard Bride!!

Would you like the opportunity to be featured on billboards, posters and other promotional materials for next season’s Omaha Bridal Showcase?

Each show, the Omaha Bridal Showcase selects an Omaha area bride to represent the show on billboards, Facebook, and other promotional materials citywide.

To be eligible: attend the show and stop by the OMAHA BRIDAL SHOWCASE BILLBOARD BRIDE booth. Simply sign up, have your photo taken, and you will receive an e-mail inviting you to enter the competition. It’s that simple.

Check out all our beautiful billboard brides!

Becky Colling-March 2012
Naty Palos-September 2012
Felicia Byrne-March 2013
Kelli Jo Batten-August 2013
Jodi Schu-March 2014
Randi Norris-March 2015
Mariah Francis-March 2016