Exhibiting Terms & Conditions


LIST CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: The Omaha Bridal Showcase will give a Registered Engaged Couple List (XLS format) to all exhibitors participating in the show. This list is to be used exclusively for the promotion of your individual business. The list may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, nor may it be loaned to any company or individual. The list will not be given to exhibitors who disregard show rules. Fines in excess of $5,000, as well as legal fees, will be pursued for those who disregard this agreement.

BOOTH RETAINER: A 50% retainer must accompany the agreement. All returned checks will have a $50 NSF attached, which will need to be paid in full. A new invoice will be sent with total amount plus the $50 NSF attached. All must be paid by either cashier’s check or cash. You will have 5 business days to have payment resubmitted or it will be sent to the Douglas County Attorney’s office for prosecution for the amount of the invoice and any neccessary fees associated with filing documentation with the Douglas County Attorney’s office.

BOOTH PAYMENT: If payment dates are not upheld your booth space will be released for resale. There are no refunds; however, if you do not intend to exhibit you must cancel in writing 90 days before the show date advertised. We are not responsible for errors made due to late payments.

RELEASE OF CLAIMS: The undersigned Omaha Bridal Showcase exhibitor agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the CenturyLink Center Omaha and Omaha Bridal Showcase and their agents, employees, contractors and subcontractors from and against any and all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees arising out of personal injury or property damage sustained during the Omaha Bridal Showcase, caused in whole or in part by the exhibitor’s negligent acts or failure to act or that of his agents, employees, contractors or anyone employed by them for whose acts the exhibitor may be liable.

NO BOOTH SHARING, TRANSFERRING OR ALTERING OF ORIGINAL BOOTH PRODUCTS OR SERVICES AS LISTED ON THIS FORM AFTER ACCEPTANCE INTO THE SHOW. YOU MUST PURCHASE ONE 10 X 10 or 20 X 10 SPACE FOR EACH COMPANY YOU PROMOTE. All dimensions and locations shown on the floor plan are believed but not warranted to be accurate. Management reserves the right to make modifications per fire code, safety, to develop easy access within the show, to establish exhibitor limitation zones and possible show expansions. A penalty of $100 will be charged to exhibitors who dismantle a booth before the end of the event. Exhibitor hereby rents the designated booth(s) for the 2018 Bridal Showcase event, for the sole purpose of displaying, exhibiting, promoting and/or selling its merchandise, products, and/or services as stated on their agreement, for the operating hours of the event. Signing of this contract constitutes that this agreement is a legal and binding contract for both the company and person obtaining exhibit space. For the convenience of the exhibitor, the Bridal Showcase event will accept submission of this agreement by facsimile or email. The parties agree that if a signed copy of this agreement is transmitted by fax or email, the fax or email, shall be deemed to be an original and fully enforceable. **All retainers are to assure your space. The Omaha Bridal Showcase will provide rulebook for vendors at a time TBD. Booths are on a first come/first served basis.

  • A minimum 50%, non-refundable, retainer is required with contract.
  • Any remaining balance for the March Showcase is due by February 1st, 2018.
  • All retainers are to assure your space. Confirmation of your space will not be provided via email until retainer is received for the total investment outlined in the contract.