2016 Billboard Bride, Mariah

Introducing our newest Billboard Bride, Mariah!

Each March, the Omaha Bridal Showcase selects a real Omaha bride to appear on promotional billboards. Out of the hundreds of brides-to-be who attended the event, Mariah Francis was selected to represent future brides for 2015/2016. Tina Taylor, Producer of the Omaha Bridal Showcase, says that Mariah won her over with her confidence, beauty, and personality, Like several lucky brides before her, her portrait will grace giant billboards throughout the greater Omaha area, inviting brides-to-be to the CenturyLink Center to enjoy a day of wedding inspiration. Hundreds of thousands of motorists will see her beautiful smile during their daily commutes.

“I am so happy to be chosen as the 2016 Omaha Billboard Bride! This is such a great opportunity, and I have learned so much from being a part of it. It has helped me so much with my own wedding.

I loved going to the Omaha Bridal Showcase! The fashion show was one of my favorite parts. There were so many amazing dresses. The vendors were so kind and helpful, and I also won a lot of great prizes that I’m using at my wedding.”

The Omaha Bridal Showcase brought some of Omaha’s best vendors to Mariah’s photo shoot.

Complete Photography was tapped to bring this photo shoot to life with their creative photography and videography techniques.

Mariah had the time of her life sifting through the gowns at Ellynne Bridal. “If it were up to me, I’d buy them all,” she says. Maddie, from Ellynne Bridal, says that “All brides-to-be are treated like a princess. We are with you from beginning to end. We are open seven days/week to better serve you.”

Hair and makeup were provided by T’eez Salon. T’eez Salon is a bold, edgy, stylish West Omaha salon specializing in hair, make-up and spray tanning. Alia, makeup artist at T’eez Salon, was on hand to complete Mariah’s makeup, and style the entire shoot in casual elegance.

Flowers play a critical role in establishing the look of your wedding and Hy-Vee’s floral designers recognize that. The gorgeous bouquet was provided by Barb, floral manager at Hy-vee on 156th Street and Maple. Barb, treats every bride like she is her daughter, and she will work with any budget you have.

Mariah & Mitch’s Engagement Story

Omaha Bridal Showcase 2016 Billboard Bride, Mariah
“We got engaged on Valentine’s Day.

I had to work that night and I was not happy about it. I work at a Mexican restaurant in Omaha, and it was really busy that night. I was taking care of about eight tables, so I didn’t notice my family slip in with Mitch and his family at one of my tables.

I was so surprised to see everyone and so happy that I wasn’t spending Valentine’s Day alone. I figured that was their original reason to come out. My grandma asked me for a glass of water and said she needed it now. I went to grab it and brought it right over to her.

When I turned back around, there was Mitch, down on one knee, pulling a little box from behind his back. Behind Mitch were all of the girls I work with, the whole kitchen staff, the owner and customers recording and watching. I instantly burst into tears, and I kept saying yes as I kissed him and brought him back up to his feet.

Everyone in the restaurant started clapping, and I was filled with so much joy I couldn’t contain myself. I thanked my family and the whole restaurant for coordinating that for Mitch and me. Everyone made that night so special for me! I will never forget it.”


Get Mariah’s Look:

Photography & Videography by: Complete | completeomaha.com
Dress by: Ellynne Bridal | ellynnebridal.com
Hair & Makeup by: T’eez Salon | teezsalon.com
Florals by: Hy-Vee | hy-vee.com